Michele Leggott's Northland

Pania Press is proud to announce the appearance of its latest publication: Michele Leggott's new poetry collection Northland, available in a numbered, limited edition of seventy-five copies.

The chapbook contains five poems, and is dedicated to Susan Davis, Frances Edmond and Judith Binney.

Here's the table of contents:

spirits bay
fat buds
degli angeli
never dreaming

And here's a sample poem:

Michele says of the book:

Nobody knows for sure who brought the first rose to Northland but chances are it came with the westerlies that blew everything else from Port Jackson (Sydney) to the Bay of Islands in the early 1800s. Certainly there were sweetbriar plants at Rangihoua, and their marvellous history of appearance and disappearance is part of what drew us north towards the end of last year. Once there we found ourselves footstepping other travellers: Robin Hyde (Iris Wilkinson) who got as far as Spirits Bay in 1937; the prophet TW Ratana who spent a night on the cliffs above Te Reinga before the lighthouse was built; and the poet Leigh Davis who spent as much time as he could at Whale Bay before his untimely death on 3 October 2009 ...

The books cost $30 each, and can be ordered either by leaving address details (which can be done completely confidentially) in the comments section of this blog, or by writing to Pania Press at 2/5 Hastings Rd, Mairangi Bay, Auckland. We charge full postage costs for overseas addresses, but postage within New Zealand is free.

A nice notice here from Helen Rickerby on her blog Winged Ink (30/1/11):

Northland, by Michele Leggott (5/52)

Northland is a gorgeous hand-made book from Pania Press (Jack Ross and Bronwyn Lloyd). I was keen to get my paws on a copy because it's about, or perhaps rather set in, the same areas as my book Heading North. Northland is a gorgeously produced book, and it was lovely revisiting some of these places in poetry. I think my favourite of the poems was 'listening', with the repeated line at the end of the three stanzas 'unwinding the bird in my throat'.

Thanks, Helen! We've both been enjoying the latest publication from your own publishing house Seraph Press, Vivienne Plumb's Crumple ...


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