Love in Wartime (commercial edition)

As promised in our blog entry for the gift edition, Jack Ross's poem sequence Love in Wartime is now available for purchase in a signed, limited edition of thirty copies.

Once again, each copy is unique, having a cover sewn individually by Bronwyn Lloyd.

The books cost $45 each, and can be ordered either by leaving address details (which can be done completely confidentially) in the comments section of this blog, or by writing to the Pania Press at 43b Grant Rd, Thorndon, Wellington. Full postage will be charged for overseas addresses.

The contents of the chapbook are as follows:

Carl sniffed
1 – Porphyry skyline
2 – Rhinoceros
3 – Entering the world again
SEX is natural
4 – Bright Flowers
5 – You just don’t have the sympathy
6 – Stops when you watch it

A sample poem is included in the entry above .


  1. hello jack!

    I would like to order copies of love in wartime and many things happened, to purchase in march if i may; was going to write you an email to say so and send you a poem or two besides, but can't find your address after all that, must have fallen out of my pocket as we cartwheeled home from the ferry terminal.... anyway, hope we didn't manage to talk *both* your ears off, you'll need at least one, but it was very nice indeed to see you again!

    best wishes,

  2. Your handmade & design really excellent.
    regard kelinci


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