Christmas again

Here's Bronwyn, last Christmas, arranging the first set of Pania Press books for signing by Therese and myself in the flat in Grant Rd, Thorndon.

A year later, in Auckland, we've just put out another gift edition, this time of my Sappho versions, entitled Papyri: Love poems & fragments from Sappho & elsewhere. This time it's to celebrate our marriage, in the registry office in Albert Street, on the 23rd of November (a very happy event!).

If you're curious to sample the texts of the poems, you can check them out here. If you'd like to purchase another version of the book, Michael Steven's Soapbox Press edition is still on sale, and can be ordered from here.

Here's a sample of one of Bronwyn's exquisite hand-drawn covers:

So Merry Christmas to all Pania's friends and supporters over the last year. Watch this space for many more exciting publications and developments in 2008!


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