Love in Wartime

New from Pania Press:

Our first publication is a limited gift edition of 10 copies -- with individual covers, each of them unique, hand-sewn by Bronwyn Lloyd on dark-blue felt -- of Jack Ross's poem-sequence "Love in Wartime."

If you're getting one for Christmas then you must be a very very lucky person who lives right.

The signed and numbered first edition of the book will go on sale next year. Again, the number of copies available will be very small, so if you'd like one it might be best to express an interest soon.

Kiwi Valley:
Café, Kindy, Maze & Rides

– cinema ad

Stops when you watch it
sun glinting off
the grains of sand

north end of

out of the corner
of one eye
the marram grass


it’s you


  1. Aha. Just found this blog.

    Those books are exquisite; a lovely tactile cover and includes one of my favourite poems. We felt very privileged to get anywhere near one!

  2. Thanks so much for that! I hope you don't mind that I've "approved" your comment for publication. Our rule-of-thumb policy at present is to put up any comments of a general (or generally appreciative) nature and just to note the details of any which are orders with address details etc.

    Is that okay with you?

    I can easily take it down again if it's just meant as a between-you-and-us little remark.

  3. No, that's fine - it was intended as a general and generally appreciative comment for the blog.

    (Sry for the late reply) In fact I do have some private correspondence and will post it to you today.

  4. Yes, we still have some of the commercial edition for sale. They're post-free in NZ, but unfortunately we'd have to charge postage for Canada, I fear.

    If you leave your postal address as a comment, I can simply take note of it without publishing the comment.

    Hope the boat's proving a treasure.

    best, jack


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