The Argo and The Wahine

I guess you might have been wondering what had become of us. I'm glad to be able to announce, then, that Pania Press is back - with a Christmas gift book, The Argo & The Wahine, and lots of exciting book projects planned for 2010, which we will tell you about very soon. In the spirit of giving, each of the 30 copies in the edition are spoken for, but our next batch of publications will be available for sale either through Parsons, our favourite bookshop, or directly through us.

As you can see, each copy has its own unique handmade cover, and a text made up of a story by Bronwyn Lloyd and five poems by me, Jack. In keeping with the maritime theme, they've been bound in seagreen cardboard, with blue dustjackets and the text printed on cream paper.

The books have a extra special significance for us, though, as they commemorate Bronwyn's father's death in the middle of last month. Rest in Peace, Peter.


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